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's national security. last july, she appeared on cnn. >> first off, women have been in combat for decades. i am not seeing that women do not have a role in combat. we do not fight a conventional enemy. there is not a front line anymore. what i am proposing is women in the infantry. >> essentially, what is the problem with women in the infantry? if ohlman can get through training, why can she not serve alongside fellow infantryman? >> it is an issue purses' cost and benefit. the cost will outweigh the benefit. it will not help the individual or the institution. we are a war footing institution. combat readiness is going to be affected by this. >> i read the piece that you wrote recently. it was very expensive. it was called "get over it, we are not all created equal." i know that you created the it -- the image of yourself, your abilities, the way he trained, the way you rank, and what it was like when you're on the front lines and how you managed. in a very short version, can you tell our viewers what went through and why you began to have this epiphany about yourself as a combat soldier and
in a sunday talk show. senator lindsey graham addressed it on cnn. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense for the state of israel in the nations history. he has said you should negotiate with iran. sanctions will not work. israel should negotiate with hamas. he also is one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter with the european union to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization. he has severed his ties with the republican party. this is an in-your-face nomination by the president. i do not know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon. it is a controversial choice. the second term of obama will be an in-your-face term. i will not talk to you about the debt ceiling. here is my secretary of defense nominee. >> senator graham on cnn yesterday. the headline in "the wall str eet ounjournal." -- --"ysusa today" here is an ad in "the washington post" -- what do you think about spending and whether it should be tied to a debt limit increase? that is our question for you this morning. john, california, repub
and republican representative jim jordan of ohio. cnn's state of the union is at 3:00 p.m. eastern with the democratic senator and richard hudson and the senate majority whip and lindsey graham. then "face the nation" with mcconnell, house minority leader nancy pelosi and jeff blake of arizona. the sunday network tv talk shows re-air on c-span radio brought to you as a public service by the networks and re-air. that is "meet the press," this week, fox news sunday, cnn state of the union and "face the nation" from cbs. you can listen to them all on c-span radio, at 90.1 f.m. in washington. on xm satellite channel 117 on the smart phone or online to c-span >> the big discussion i remember was what is richard nixon going it do. >> i remember going home that night. we were scared to death. this was laike a time bomb. this gets in the press it is a disaster. >> johnny walters came to me and said john dean, the president's counsel has just brought me a list of 50 names of people and want as full field investigation. that is a very unphrfpbt thing to have happen. it was shortl
went back to work and he's going to work. host: we got this from cnn politics, got this online. gop senators push for term limits is the headline. a handful of republican senators have proposed a constitutional amendment to limit how long a person may serve in congress. currently there are no term limits for federal lawmakers. but senator jim demint and several of his colleagues advocating service in the senate be limited to 12 years while lawmakers would only be allowed to serve six years in the house. this is an effort that was put forth two years ago. americans, they say, no real change in washington will never half until we end the era of permanent politicians, demint said in a statement released by his office. as long as members have the chance to spend their lives in washington, their interests will will always skew towards spending taxpayer dollars to buy off special interests covering over corruption in bureaucracy, fundraising, relationship building among lobbyists, and trading favors for pork. in short, amassing their own power. the thoughts of senator jim demint from two
. it is focused on the amount of bullets. host: from cnn this weekend, a column that might agree with some of the comments the caller was just making. he writes that last month washington post compared spending on video games in gun related countries. host: we will bring in ken, from albion, michigan, on the democratic line. caller: i wanted to make a comment about violent media during commercials. you are watching a show that does not having any violence in its, and then you go to commercials and the gaming industry might show call of duty, or a trailer for an upcoming movie that is extremely violent, even though the content you are watching has no violence in it. you are bombarded during the commercials. host: you are saying that you cannot avoid the violence even when you try? caller: correct. host: what needs to be done? ratings on commercials? caller: i think that they need to curb that as far as it is allowed to be shown during certain tv show programs. host: i want to bounce this comment from the mercurial entertainment association in the story from "the washington times." host: you
issue have they mentioned the mexican americans to c-span or fox or cnn. nobody talks about the mexican americans about how they feel about the foreign-born, illegal mexicans that are coming here disrespecting the employers in this country, go off the carpet for the foreign-born mexicans, and it's completely disrespect to mexican americans. host: steve, are you a mexican american? caller: yes, i am. i'm 5 years old. host: thanks for your call. let's look at some stats that we saw surface from national journal, fawn johnson's publication. during the election we saw that latino voter felt that immigration reform was the second biggest issue to them. 60% know someone undocumented. 90% had parents or grandparents who were immigrants. guest: i'm very interested in hearing that caller, because honestly this is the first time that i have heard that from anybody of any latino heritage at all. almost everybody that i meet who are citizens, and there are a lot of them that have some mexican american background, are very much in favor of doing something very broad on immigration. and i think i've
hampshire republican. cnn kos "state of the union" follows at 3:00 p.m.. david keene, president of the nra, and chris murphy of connecticut, and joe manchin of west virginia. at four o'clock, "face the nation" will bring john mccain and john manchin of west -- west virginia. also, stanley, crystal. -- retired general stanley crystal. finally at 4:00 eastern, "face the nation" from cbs. you can listen to the mall and c-span rio, on a 90.1 fm in the washington, d.c. rate -- washington, d.c. area. you can also listen on your smartphone or go online to c- teo .org -- >> hopkins could read the president's new unlike anybody else. he came as close as anyone to be in evidence in to what robert sherwood would call roosevelts heavily forested interior. heavily forested interior. he went to be still in the presence of the president. went to press him. when to back off and to the joke. after he local election, wendell willkie was in his office, and they remained friends, and like you said to the president, why do you keep that man so close to you, that man being hopkins. roos
get things done with that kind of basis. the other thing i want to say is that cnn -- i did it again -- c- span is by far the best thing that the government does. host: host: i have to stop you there, because the government does not do anything with c- span3 this is brought to you by the cable company. you pay for it on your cable bill every month, about 6 cents that goes toward c-span. we don't get taxpayer dollars year. caller: but i was fearful of the fact there were going to cut it. host: no. just wanted to make that clear. let me show you some papers from across the country, courtesy of the newseum in washington. the hartford courant -- in atlanta georgia, independent, what are your thoughts, theron? caller: i am libertarian in atlanta. i was struck by two things from the speech. one of them was something he said and if another was something he did not say. he made a point about climate change and his concern for future generations. i was struck by the contradiction in that he does not appear to have much concern about the future generations when it comes to the debt that this c
to the swearing in and drop down -- dropped by an iowa and our robot. according to cnn, there are in his work a whole lot of reasons why he would not run but says he is now focused on helping president obama. secretary of state hillary clinton remains a heavy favorite if she decides to run for the high office. in 40 minutes, secretary clinton will be giving testimony on the assault on the eve of the mission in benghazi, libya. that attack killed ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. secretary clinton is the sole witness today at back-to-back hearings before the senate and house foreign policy committee. here live coverage of the senate hearing at 9:00 a.m. eastern and a house hearing at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span radio or watched the hearings on c-span 3. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> what is the best training for a policeman? >> i said it before and i will say it again -- the best training you can get to become a really good police officer and understand what it's all about is walk but -- you learn how to develop sources, you learn how t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9